How to Get Your Junk Drawer Under Control

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Organization and management! Do these words give you the necessary creeps? And do these creeps intensify when it comes to cleaning up that long stocked pile of junk residing in your closet, drawers or work station.

If you are nodding your head along the y-axis, then surely you have landed at the right place. In order to sort out a jumbled mess, you need to follow the following quick tips:

  • Take a deep breath and open the drawer
  • Take a look at the contents and again take a deep breath
The Action Part

Take out every single item out of the drawer and dump it on top of a newspaper or an old rag (right in front of you).

Rethink the intended-use of the drawer now lying empty in front of you. Suppose you are dealing with a drawer that was previously stacked with old keys, bills, empty boxes, pens, paper clips a diary/address-book and the like. But from now on, you have to use this drawer only for one or on the maximum two to three purposes. So, define the pile or type of piles that the drawer is to contain from now on.

Now, categorize all the junk in individual piles and mentally name each pile. While doing this you will identify two kinds:

  • The throw-away stuff that was lying there totally useless
  • Stuff or piles that go in the empty drawer
Neatly stack the relevant piles in the drawer so that they can be easily identified in one look and immediately take a bin-trip to dispose of the stuff that you have identified as waste.

Happy now? Do not be. There is this huge probability of again turning your just-sorted drawer into another junk-mess again. In order to avoid this, place small cardboard boxes and cute containers in your drawer so you can place the tiny objects like pins, paper clips, stamps, stickers there. There could be numerous boxes, each specified for a separate use. You can have one for hair accessories (ribbons, bands, hair clips, pony tail clips etc.) and there could be others for stationary, cards, collections and the like.

After sailing through the first stage, comes the second one. Now, you have to partition your drawer in basic sections. You can do this in two ways.

  • Make a partition of your own
  • Buy a cheap partition from store
You can make you own partition by making use of a cardboard box. Slash it open and cut out a sizeable portion that would fit in your drawer's internal space. Try it by inserting it first. Now choose a nice looking wrapping paper and wrap the cardboard sheet with it and then securely tape the ends. It would make a custom partition of your own choice and is a real good way to engage children while teaching them organization.

The other option is of course to buy cheap partitions from the store and use it in your drawer. This would help in instant-sectioning of your drawer and would keep you away from randomly throwing away stuff when you will open up a drawer.

The last part deals with the remaining piles. At this point, do refrain from the urge to shove them back into the drawer from where they were just sorted out. Actually, the whole point of having a disorganized and muddled clutter around us is due to those on-the-spot impulses to dump and bang-shut drawers, closets and cupboards right away.

Last but not the least, make it a habit to place stuff in their required placements, around the house. For this you would have to do a little bit of moving around. It could be tiresome for the time but would save you oogles of time later on, as you sift through "relevant drawers" rather than grazing through "heaps of junk".

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How to Get Your Junk Drawer Under Control

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This article was published on 2010/03/30