How to Retrieve Lost Dat After Hibernation In Windows 7

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Although Windows 7, the lastest version of Window Microsoft, has just been launched to the consumers' market for a relatively short period of time, users of this operating system have found themselves in lots of trouble caused by many data loss issues. Consumers have expected lots in fixes that have been designed to support them in addressing most of the early existing issues. Nonetheless, it seems that there still exist a number of dilemmas facing users, which remain unsolved and are able to destroy the rest of this operating system.  So, it is recommended to all Windows 7 users to run the timely backup of this OS to prevent any data loss.


Let's consider a realistic scenario where, you as a user left your Windows 7 installed system in hibernate mode. After some time when you returned, you observed that the system is still on and is hung on the BIOS Screen. In order to resolve this issue when you used the Windows 7 installation disc, it doesn't work. In this situation you also observed that the partition gets renamed to 'System Reserved' but there is no data in it.


This abnormality occurred due to the missing of boot partition and boot entry that this OS version was looking at the time of booting the system. Since it didn't detected the partition this situation has occurred. Again when you used the installation disc actually Windows 7 tried to create the partition but as there is no real partition the process terminated.


In order to resolve this issue you need to perform the startup repair by using Window 7 installation disc or system repair disc. You can also try commands like 'fixmbr' to solve the partition issues. But if these solutions didn't work then you need recreate the disk partition and restore the lost data from the backup that you have made. But in cases backup was not available also then you need to use the third-party software like Windows 7 Recovery to recover the lost and missing data's from this OS. Now, you can easily create the partition and can restore the recovered data to it to make the system work again and work better for you.


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How to Retrieve Lost Dat After Hibernation In Windows 7

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This article was published on 2010/08/05